Dental Anxiety

  • Is it normal?
    • Absolutely, it is common and normal to feel nervous and apprehensive about dental work. Often it can be caused by the need for personal space, a previous bad experience, or sensitivities to noises or vibrations. Dentistry has come a very long way in the last few decades, even in the last few years, with many of the innovations intended to make better experiences for patients in addition to better long-term outcomes.
    • Hearing the methods behind some procedures in the past (in particular, root canals), it’s no wonder so many people are anxious! Things work very differently now, and patients often comment how far the field has come and how much easier it is to get healthy. We hope you feel the same way!
  • What can be done?
    • Know that it’s normal and you’re heard – Here at Mountain Loop Dental we take dental anxiety very seriously and do everything possible to listen to and address any fears or feelings our community brings with them. Often, just knowing that the other person cares about you and is truly listening to your concerns is enough to feel better, and we can promise you that you’ll be heard and cared for at our office.
    • Amenities – Warm neck wraps, noise canceling headphones, bite rests with added protection, calming scents, shaded glasses, and a warm cup of coffee or cookie before you leave are all there to try to help everyone have a good experience!
    • Gentle care – Dr. Dave takes the subject of gentle care very seriously, has several advanced techniques specifically designed to maximize comfort, and always takes extra steps to minimize any anxieties brought by his patients. Many patients comment that they didn’t feel anything while getting numb, which can’t be guaranteed but seems to happen very often.
    • Sedation options – Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is another great way to feel more at ease. It is ready to go in every room and can often help people get over a small mental obstacle on the road to health. Also an oral sedative can be added to raise the sedation level considerably. Lastly, when major care is needed, our local specialists are able to make someone fully asleep if needed.
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