Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canals at Mountain Loop Dental

Is it better to do an implant than a Root Canal?
Short answer, it depends. If a tooth has been damaged to a large extent, it may be better to move on, but I think 99% of dentists would agree that if there is a reasonable option to keep your own tooth, they would take it. You can always do something else later, but the vast amount of people who keep their teeth when they have a chance are glad they did! It typically comes down to whether or not the existing tooth can become a good foundation for chewing. If the answer is yes, do the root canal!

Are Root Canals safe?
How root canals are performed is always improving, but I can answer any safety question with a definite ‘YES!’. A root canal is all about keeping your natural tooth exactly where it is, and there is never a safer way to go than sticking with what you have.

How do Root Canals work?
The process involves removing all the bacteria inside of the tooth, disinfecting the tooth, and rebuilding what was lost. The inside of the tooth is filled with a mineral-filled soft plastic, which is then often reinforced with a ‘post’, which helps add strength. On back teeth, it is typically recommended to protect the chewing part of the tooth with a crown, but after this process, teeth typically last for significant lengths of time!

What does it feel like after a Root Canal?
After a root canal, the body heals around the tooth. The body can be sore at first, but with modern materials, there is often significantly less discomfort than people remember from years ago. Results vary based on the scenario, but our patients are often surprised at how little pain they experience afterwards.

That being said, teeth often feel ‘slightly off’ or different afterwards. This isn’t always the case, but the feeling can be very similar to how a scar on your skin feels, compared to the area around it. It’s still you, but it has also faintly changed. If you have more questions about the post-procedure, give us a call at (360) 691-7793

New Technologies: “Biocompatible sealer”
One reason why root canals have improved with time is from new technologies. An example of this comes after we disinfect the tooth, we seal off the inside of the tooth from the rest of the body. This ‘sealer’ is made with a modern focus on biocompatibility, using calming minerals the body welcomes and heals around. In the past this part led to a lot of sensitivity afterwards, but we are seeing drastic improvements in how people feel after a root canal.

Root Canals can often feel a bit daunting, however the team here at Mountain Loop Dental is here to ensure the highest level of care.

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