Painless Dental Injections – Is It Possible?

In a short answer, yes, a painless injection is possible and common (depending on the location), and we do everything we possibly can here at Mountain Loop Dental in Granite Falls to make it a comfortable experience. Some situations can be more sensitive than others, but you can expect that we care about comfort here and do everything available to help!
  • Wiggling or massaging the cheek
    • Doing this distracts the mind and tricks the nerves in that area, masking the action of the numbing medicine. It might seem silly but it can be very effective in the right area!
  • Super numbing gel
    • We use a special blend of several different numbing gels (called ‘Super Topical Gel’) to get the best features of each and get the tissues primed for a comfortable numbing experience before we even start.
  • Laughing gas
    • All of our rooms have laughing gas (nitrous oxide) available and ready to go when requested or if we think it will be helpful. Nervousness can tense up the muscles and tissues in our bodies and make our senses extra hyper-activated, making it difficult to achieve painless anesthesia. By relaxing our mind slightly with laughing gas, the whole process can be made more comfortable.
  • Warmth
    • We use special warmers to get the medicine near body temperature, which makes it difficult for the body to tell something is happening. This is a great way to start a painless injection
  • Gentle pH
    • Our body likes medicine with a pH similar to our own body. Different anesthetics have different pH’s, and by starting with one similar to that of our own body, it lets the body get numb in the most calming way possible.
  • Going slow
    • It may sound counter-intuitive, but going slow is a great way to be gentle at the beginning of anesthesia. Often, patients will want us to get it over with and finish quickly, but by taking our time, the body accepts the medicine without knowing much has happened.
  • Using the smallest delivery possible
    • It’s unfortunate that needles are necessary, but we use the smallest available type for added comfort.
  • Light pressure
    • By using pressure at the site of placement, the mind is so focused on that, it is much harder to tell what is really happening. In addition to this, by lightly compressing the area, the medicine does not need to travel as far, which can also help to lessen what is noticed.
  • Different locations, different results
    • To be honest some parts of the mouth are always going to be more sensitive. Sometimes this is because the anesthetic needs to go further, sometimes because the body is more dense in that spot, or sometimes it just happens to be near a sensitive area. In general, we do everything we can to avoid these areas, but sometimes you just have to be numb there. In these cases, we take extra care to go slow, let the numbing gel do its job, massage the area, and trick the body into getting numb with the least amount of discomfort.
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